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Many Faces Of Guns N' Roses V.A.CD

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Paketin arvioitu saapumisaika:  Paketti noudettavissa Torstaina, 24.08.2017 - Perjantaina, 25.08.2017Vain 2 kpl jäljellä - tilaa nyt!

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GenreHard Rock
Julkaistu 28.11.2014

Guns 'N'Roses have taken the music scene of the 80's by storm. Their wild looks, disrespectful performance and a diverse repertoire have brought them the attention of the rock, as well as pop fans. Their influence in music is undoubted.
"The Many Faces Of Guns N'Roses" is an astonishing triple album, which could not have been imagined by the band. Appealingly presented and with remastered sound, this collection provides many side projects of the band members, a few of the not as famous songs and an extensive map of the musical landscape from where they come from.
Because of all of this "The Many Faces Of Guns N'Roses" is a unique album and an absolute must for anyone who has ever been into this amazing band.


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