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Luna - Live und Acoustic in Berlin FaunCD

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Paketin arvioitu saapumisaika:  Paketti noudettavissa Perjantaina, 28.07.2017 - Maanantaina, 31.07.2017Vain 1 kpl jäljellä - tilaa nyt!

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GenreFolk Rock
Julkaistu 27.02.2015

'Faun' get started with the sensational live album "Luna - Live and Acoustic in Berlin".

During a rehearsal for the tour the wish to record acoustic versions of some of the "Luna Lieder" developed. All band members played sitting in a circle with only one instrument on their lap, no computer, no synthesizer, no electricity. They recorded three songs from the "Luna" album, three old Faun classics („Des Wassermanns Weib“ and „König von Thule“ of the first Faun album, „Zaubersprüche“ and „Polska fran Larsson“ of the album „Eden“) as well as a new track, the traditional Norwegian dance "Halling". Virtuosity and musical quality were the focus of these unique recordings. Alongside the acoustic tracks the two „Luna“-songs „Hörst du die Trommeln“ and „Abschied“ in new ESC - versions can also be found on „Luna - Live and Acoustic in Berlin“.


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