The 25th hour TerrorCD

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Julkaistu 07.08.2015

Comes in a limited special edition (digisleeve).

'Terror' is hardcore, raw, angry, honest, uncompromising and essential. With brutal power the Californians have created the new album "The 25th Hour". It comes with classic hardcore with groovy riffs, thrashy, fast parts, and singer Scott Vogel's rough shouts. "Fuck Them All" is a line in "Bad Signs" and this message is for all of those who try to dilute hardcore with weak and emotional gibberish. This statement is underlined by tough and catchy songs. Anyone who has ever visited one of their insane shows knows there is no other band like this besides Sick Of It All and Madball in this genre. "The 25th Hour" is a musical and lyrical statement. This is hard core!


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