Grain of soul ZodiacLP

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GenreHard Rock
Julkaistu 29.07.2016

Comes on black vinyl and in a gatefold.

"You're an animal - driven by desire" it says on "Animal" - one of those typical, pushing riff rock tracks between obscenely relaxed desert sound and absolute quaffability, which 'Zodiac' does like no one else. Animalistic and catchy is "Grain Of Soul", the fourth long player by the German and it is also the most focused output by the quartet, that has finally broken free here. It was produced and mixed by Arne Neurand (Guano Apes, Subway To Sally, Revolverheld) at Horus Sound Studio in Hannover. The mastering was done by Grammy award-winner Jean-Pierre Chalbos (i.e. Gojira) at La Source Mastering in Paris. Impressive name-dropping, which is only a setting for an elaborate rock manifest, which comes with stoner, grunge, alternative and heavy rock influences. At the end it only has one god: timeless songs with the greatest melodies!


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