Schreib es mit Blut TanzwutCD

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GenreFolk Rock
VersioRajoitettu versio
MediapakkausBox Set
Julkaistu 08.07.2016

This box set is limited to 1500 copies and contains the album in digipak (including bonus tracks), an exclusive bonus CD with 5 tracks (maxi single packaging), a Tanzwut quill, an inkpot with red ink, the Tanzwut comic "Reiter ohne Kopf", blank contract with "Teufel" on premium paper, a postcard and a certificate of authenticity.

For 16 years, the band TANZWUT has been going its own way. The title "Schreib es mit Blut" reminds us of the signature of "Faust". However, TANZWUT wouldn't be the unique band we know if they picked just one topic and created an album about it. This interpretation has a lot more meaning. It asks an important question: Who would sell his soul or, to make it even more dramatic, who has already sold his soul and we just don't know about it? This album is special, because mastermind Teufel and his band produced 14 songs (+ bonus track) that could stand for themselves. At the same time, they run like a common thread through the whole album. "Schreib es mit Blut" is a new chapter in TANZWUT's history. The boundaries between poetry and middle age rock grow hazy. It's obvious that TANZWUT signed their work with their hearts' blood. Well-written lyrics and an impressive production emphasise the band's special position. Nobody else dares to perform so many musical experiments. TANZWUT are back. Harder, with more facets and more surprising than ever. New ideas and established traditions create a mixture that you just have to listen to. We can only hope that you won't miss this treat. Are you ready to sell your soul for this album?


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