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GenreGerman Rock
Julkaistu 15.07.2016

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Ein wenig Farbe - or a little bit of colour, as you will.
Of course you could take the title of Saitenfeuer's new album as a vague hint on an album mostly consisting of black and white or at least only sober tunes. However, how life goes, the reality is the exact opposite, making the name an understatement which is not to be taken too seriously instead of a realistic, programmatic description. "Ein Wenig Farbe" got everything a thrilling piece needs to have, including a compositional atmosphere and even more: with their third studio output, Saitenfeuer presents itself as more discrete, complex and colourful than they ever did before. The group of five from Leipzig, Germany palpably evolved while extending their stylistic range and equipping their lyrics with some considered barbs. The result is hard to sort into one of the typical genres. "You could label our music as rock if you're searching for a generic name, but you can't narrow it down to subcategories - that would just not live up with it", is the way singer Carsten Tiecke puts it. "Well, you could always just assign it to the Saitenfeuer sector."
"Ein Wenig Farbe" is released on July 15th, 2016 with the new SPV label Laute Helden while Saitenfeuer presents two singles of the songs "Ihre Welt" ("Her World") and "Wenn Es Dich Noch Gibt" ("If You're Still There") before, including matching video clips. There's no doubt on that: This (colourful) summer belongs to Saitenfeuer!


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