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Remedy lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived) Pain Of SalvationCD

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GenreProgressive Metal
Julkaistu 01.07.2016

Comes as 2-CD in a digipak.
2002, Swedish proggies PAIN OF SALVATION released a mastepiece titled "Remedy Lane" which is still very popular. 2016, before the release of their studio album "The Passing Light Of Day", the band around guitarist/singer Daniel Gildenlöw made a personal dream come true: "Jens Bogren contacted us shortly after the release of "Remedy Lane" and offered his services. On "BE" and "Scarsick", he was involved in the background, but I had always asked myself how "Remedy Lane" would have sounded with his "wall of sound". It was about time to find that out!" Said - and done, and now, 14 years after the original release of "Remedy Lane", the stalwart fans of the Swedes get their chance to rediscover this complex, emotional opus hovering between balladesque and weird Prog. On the "Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)" variant as 2-CD, PAIN OF SALVATION present you with a completely new Jens Bogren studio mix and a live version recorded at the ProgPower USA 2014. Both variants are available on vinyl, "Remedy Lane Re:mixed" and "Remedy Lane Re:lived" each as separate 2-LPs on 180g vinyl and gatefold cover and the respective CD as an extra.


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