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Paketin arvioitu saapumisaika:  Paketti noudettavissa Torstaina, 24.08.2017 - Perjantaina, 25.08.2017

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GenreDeath Metal
VersioRajoitettu versio
MediaformaattiCD & kangasmerkki
Julkaistu 19.08.2016

Limited digipak edition!

The 'TOTENMOND' trio from Backnang need no introduction in the German-speaking world - their unique sound and one of a kind language creations by singer/guitarist and band leader 'Pazzer' gave the band a unique status in this tough music scene. Their debut 'Lichtbringer' (1996) had already impressed with its brutal and nihilistic sound, which was one of a kind. Killer albums like 'Fleischwald', 'Reich In Rost' and 'Unter Knochen' as well as years of excessive live performances made them a well-known name. There has been no open air festival at which they have not appeared: Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, With 'Full Force', 'Party.San' and many more - they have left their footprint. But they have also impressed abroad, as the supporting act of 'Bolt Thrower' and 'Pro-Pain'. With 'Auf Dem Mond Ein Feuer' they delivered punk cover versions in their own style, which showed the trio's talent. After their sixth album 'TonbergUrtot' the band took a break, to set an example with 'Thronräuber'! Now the eighth studio album follows. Get ready for 'Der Letzte Mond Vor Dem Beil'!


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