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VersioRajoitettu versio
MediaformaattiCD & DVD & LP & t-paita
MediapakkausBox Set
Saatavilla alkaen 01.09.2017

'Lang Lebe der Tod' by 'Casper' is released as limited box set with CD & DVD & double LP.

'Casper' redefined the boundaries of hip-hop with 'Hinterland'. The successor to his breakthrough album 'XOXO' takes his sound to a whole new level. A very innovative achievement that was honoured with platinum, sold out tours and headliner performances at the biggest and most important festivals. Now, 'Casper' is finally back from the 'Hinterland'. He presents an album whose title has the explosive blasting power of a Sergio Leone classic: 'Lang Lebe der Tod' (Long Live Death). If the previous album was about life,now, 'Casper' explores darkness and death. 'Lang Lebe der Tod' entertains with numerous musical surprises and presents unexpected, but sensational feature guests ('Blixa Bargeld', 'Drangsal', 'Fabi von Sizarr', 'Dagobert' and more). Above all, it shows a 'Casper' who has questioned himself once more and found new and exciting answers.


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