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Tuotteen tiedot

GenreGothic Rock
VersioDeluxe Edition
Julkaistu 02.09.2016

Now being issued as a deluxe double disk (the bonus CD comes with additional, unpublished hits and remixes).

The red-backed shrike, the Neuntöter, is a deceiver. Outwardly a harmless-looking bird of extraordinary beauty, he turns out to be a merciless killer who impales his victims on thorns before eating them. 'Unzucht' and its charismatic frontman Daniel Schulz did not name their new album after this animal for nothing, because their songs are also similarly multifaceted. At first, their dark-rock anthems become inevitably stuck in your ear, only to unpack their sting in the middle of the listener’s heart quite unexpectedly and stealthily. This can happen in the form of sudden, blunt metal attacks, which shatter the dark harmony through the beats of the drums and discordant shouts. The honest, German-language lyrics are also not afraid of hitting where it hurts. They dig a bit deeper and purposefully go for the painful sting. Unzucht have a way of bringing the listener back after every descent into the inferno with a gripping melody, starting the game of the red-backed shrike once again from the beginning. Unzucht have garnished this, their most varied album, with dark rock rhythms that are full of attacks of surprising force. “Neuntöter" unleashes a whirlpool of unbridled emotions, dark melodies, and sudden bouts of aggression.


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