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Arch Enemy
Saatavilla 31.03.2017 alkaen
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GenreMelodinen Death Metal
VersioLimited Deluxe Edition
MediaformaattiCD & DVD & Blu-ray
MediapakkausTaidekirja, Box Set
Saatavilla alkaen 31.03.2017

This limited deluxe edition is released in a decorative box set and contains the CD, DVD and Blu-ray versions of this impressive live appearance, In addition, this package contains a 36-page artbook, a pop-up and an elegant 'Tour Pass Dummy' lanyard. Arch Enemy present their most powerful performance to date - their legendary show at the Wacken Open Air 2016 - in the form of a box set including a CD, DVD, and Blu-ray version of the concert, appropriately entitled 'As The Stages Burn!' The magnificent live spectacle shows the band behind Alissa White-Gluz in absolute top form and will certainly excite any fan of the group.

The DVD/Blu-ray contains: "Wacken Show 2016" (70 minutes), "Wacken 2016: Behind The Scenes" - docu live material from "Tokyo Sacrifice". All previously released music videos from the album "War Eternal" (plus a previously unreleased video). Includes the names of selected fans.


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