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GenreHeavy Metal
Mediaformaatti2-LP & CD
Julkaistu 30.06.2017

Released on black double LP with additional copy of the album in CD form (includes exclusive bonus track).

Manilla Road, the legendary band led by Mark Shelton, are back with a bang. With their new album ‘To Kill a King’ the four-piece have, after 40 years of playing together, finally managed to make it out of the underground scene and into metal’s mainstream. Excluding live albums, ‘To Kill a King’ is the 18th studio album from the epic metal pioneers from Wichita/Kansas and in their 40th anniversary year to boot! But it’s not Manilla Road who’ve changed: it’s the rock and metal scene itself. Finally, in their 40th year of playing their mix of conventional rock and underground sounds, this band are in the right place at the right time.


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