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Limited box set edition with a T-shirt (100% cotton, sizes M, L, XL, XXL).

The legendary "Endorama" album by KREATOR - finally in the ultimate and remastered edition with lots of bonus material!

Kreator certainly doesn't need to be introduced to anyone at this point. The Germans were among the formative bands who helped shape and shape the emerging thrash style in the 1980s. With albums like "Pleasure To Kill" (1986), "Terrible Certainty" ('87) and "Coma Of Souls" ('90) they put their own stamp of quality, passion and aggression on themselves and thus proved that they are one special group of musicians are.

But they weren't satisfied with resting on their laurels and repeating what had already worked, they were ready to take things to a new level with a record that pushed even more into new territory - with the most gothic album that Kreator have ever made, as Mille himself says.

Released in April 1999, "Endorama" is invaluable proof that Kreator Metal icons were and are with a welcome, broad and encouraging horizon. Now, over 22 years later, "Endorama" is getting a completely remastered remaster that reflects the sound gives a whole lot of punch and shows that this album is still going strong!

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Tuotenumero 512393
Musiikkigenre Thrash Metal
Mediaformaatti 1-3 3-CD & 2-LP & T-paita
Tuotteen teema Bändit
Artisti Kreator
Tuotteen tyyppi CD
Julkaisupäivä 17/12/2021
Gender Unisex

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