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Tilauksen arvioitu toimitusaika on 27 tammikuuta 2020 - 28 tammikuuta 2020

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Tuotenumero 295589
Sukupuoli Unisex
Musiikkigenre Punk Rock
Yksinoikeustuote Ei
Mediaformaatti 1-3 CD
Tuotteen teema Bändit
Artisti Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Tuotteen tyyppi CD
Julkaisupäivä 23/01/2015
Digipak CD in cardboard slipcase (2 front designs!) and 16 page 4c booklet.

It was to be expected that FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET would come back with a huge authority. It is also little wonder that the sound pattern has been once again professionalized. But it is surprising how the band get to the heart of every song in the most perfect way possible without losing the rough and direct approach. The album opens with dense and heavy punk rock anthems spurred on by sweeping horn melodies, to be followed surprisingly by the fourth track '"Lass Uns Gehen" with a Indie pop hit that reminds us of elegant mod pop lightness à la SUPERpunk or DIE AERONAUTEN. Shortly after there is "Warten auf Das Meer", a guitar ballad whose lyrics send shivers down our spine. It is good that it is followed by "Ich Glaube Dir" with a positive note. "Solange Es Brennt", this album is going to be a stunning hit!!!
CD 1
1. Fuer Diese Eine Nacht 2. Wut 3. Glitzer Im Gesicht 4. Lass Uns Gehen 5. 48 Knoten 6. Warten Auf Das Meer 7. Ich Glaube Dir 8. Solange Es Brennt 9. Es Bleibt Beim Alten 10. Nur Applaus 11. Ruhe 12. Am Ende