Existence is futile (CD ) | Cradle Of Filth

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Cradle Of Filth have been an undisputed giant in the Heavy Metal scene for thirty years. Under the rule of Dani Filth, the band has survived three decades of challenges and has not only earned a special reputation as a creative force in extreme metal, but also as one of the most active live bands in the scene. When the concert scene came to a sudden halt due to the pandemic, Cradle Of Filth recently went into the studio to record their 13th studio album under lockdown conditions - and the inevitable isolation, with its overwhelming atmosphere, seemed to be the best condition for the creation of 'Existence is futile,' a manifesto of existentialism.

Therefore, the album is easily one of the most powerful and dramatic records in Cradle Of Filth's history. The band's rapid live energy was equally present in the studio, driving each member to new heights. Combined with labyrinthine arrangements and gripping bombast, 'Existence is futile' is the band's most vibrant studio album to date.

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Tuotenumero 512875
Musiikkigenre Black Metal
Mediaformaatti 1-3 CD
Tuotteen teema Bändit
Artisti Cradle Of Filth
Tuotteen tyyppi CD
Julkaisupäivä 22/10/2021
Gender Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    The Fate Of The World On Our Shoulders
  • 2.
    Existential Terror
  • 3.
    Necromantic Fantasies
  • 4.
    Crawling King Chaos
  • 5.
    Here Comes A Candle... (Infernal Lullaby)
  • 6.
    Black Smoke Curling From The Lips Of War
  • 7.
    Discourse Between A Man And His Soul
  • 8.
    The Dying Of The Embers
  • 9.
    Ashen Mortality
  • 10.
    How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose?
  • 11.
    Suffer Our Dominion
  • 12.
    Us, Dark, Invincible
  • 13.
    Sisters Of The Mist
  • 14.
    Unleash The Hellion

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