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Paketin arvioitu saapumisaika on 16 marraskuuta 2018 - 19 marraskuuta 2018

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Tuotenumero 318007
Musiikkigenre Soundtrack
Yksinoikeustuote Ei
Mediaformaatti 1-3 CD
Tuotteen teema Fanituotteet, Bändit, TV-sarjat
Viihdelisenssi Vikings
Tuotteet tyyppi CD
Julkaisupäivä 15-07-31
The fascinating series "Vikings" starts its third season. "The Vikings III (Music from the TV series)" includes the original music by Trevor Morris to the eponymous TV series and comprises 36 tracks with a mixture of orchestral and electronic tones as well as support of diverse historical instruments.
  1. The Seer Gives Lagertha A Prophecy
  2. The Vikings Set Sail For Wessex
  3. Kwenthrith's Story
  4. Vikings Battle Brihtwulf's Army
  5. Torstein Loses An Arm
  6. A Cloaked Figure Arrives In Kattegat
  7. Battle For The Hill Of The Ash
  8. Judith
  9. Sacrifice For The Corps
  10. Siggy Sacrifices Herself To Save Ragnar's Songs
  11. Rollo Learns Of Siggy's Sacrifice
  12. Bjorn Fights To Save Rollo
  13. Helga Tells Floki Of Harbard
  14. The Seer Laughs At Rollo's Misery
  15. Aethelwulf Attacks
  16. Ragnar Kills The Messenger
  17. Athelstan Is Reborn
  18. Floki Appears To Kill Athelstan
  19. Ragnar Honors Athelstan's Death
  20. Ecbert Sends Aethelwulf On A Journey
  21. Aethelwulf Meets With Kwenthrith
  22. Floki's Siege Towers Revealed
  23. Vikings Reach Paris
  24. The Attack Begins
  25. The Walls Are Breached; The French Lose Hope
  26. Ragnar Knows Floki Killed Athelstan
  27. Vikings Attempt To Rip Open Gates
  28. Floki Melt Down
  29. Floki Curses The Gods
  30. Kalf And Lagertha Make A Pact
  31. Lagertha's Stealth Assault On The Bridge
  32. The French Counter Attack
  33. Ragnar Hallucinates, Sees Gods
  34. The Vikings Are Told Of Ragnar's Death
  35. Vikings Attack Paris
  36. Ragnar Sets Sail For Home

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